PlaceConnect delivers content to a specific location.



Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Pricing

PlaceConnect cost is an agressively priced cloud model. It enables companies and individuals a low barrier to entry and pay-as-you-go fees, which diminish as usage increases. In fact, the base price before the penny touches for PlaceConnect Location Server and 10 combined regions, geo pins and beacons only costs $50 per month. With minimal commitments and cost, this means there is no reason not to give it a try and expand your abilities as the technology becomes increasingly prevalent.

There are three cloud-based usage pricing fees for PlaceConnect's Location Content Server. These include 1) nominal fees for your PlaceConnect Server Site, 2) nominal endpoint fee and, 3) Penny to fraction of a penny 'touches' which are round trip request/deliveries from PlaceApp (or your App) to the PlaceConnect Server.

Current Cloud-pricing

Location Content Server

 PlaceConnect Server (hosted) $40.00 US monthly
 Endpoint (Region/Geo Pin/Beacon) $1.00 US monthly per endpoint
 Touch (50-50,000) $0.01 US per touch
 Touch (50,001-1,000,000) $0.005 US per touch
 Touch (1,000,001+) $0.0025 US per touch

Custom App Development

For those with development expertise who want to build your own location content app, or embed PlaceApp/PlaceConnect technology into an existing app, please contact us directly.

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